Why does Canada allow immigrants every year when there are no job for immigrants?

If you are a prospective applicant, you seem to look at Canada’s vision with immigration from a different aspect. Canada does not have a good size of population yet. Therefore, reasonably, there are not enough industrial parks and service sectors that have flourished yet. As a result, certainly there are not enough jobs for all categories of folks in this massive, wide-stretched country.

Why does Canada allow immigrants every year when there are no job for immigrants

Canada allow immigrants every year because you are nothing more than a sheep ready to be sheared for tax dollars by the government. You will quickly discover that Canada does not have a thriving industry in anything, that what it has it does not want to use (or that idiotic government policies prevent usage), such as oil and gas, and that Ontario has very little manufacturing left.

According to statistics Canada, the ratio of unemployed people to job vacancies decreased from 4.5 in 2016 Q1 to 1.4 in 2022 Q1. On average there is close to just one person available to fill every job vacancy. Technology is growing faster in Canada but not on the scale of the United States.

There is nothing here except some grains and wheat in the prairies and some lumber industry. As a result, the government artificially stimulates growth by importing 350k immigrants per year rather than a more reasonable amount. Despite this, the economy grows at a sluggish 1% per year. Covid will now eliminate numerous opportunities.

Now, before you start hating on this post, please understand that my family is also an immigrant family from India. We’ve been here for 20 years, and these are the things they’ve noticed over the years. The problem is that immigrants, particularly in South Asian countries such as India, have made it their life mission to leave the country.

As a result, you are nothing more than a sheep for expanding the tax base. People must understand this when they relocate or immigrate, whether from India to Canada, Canada to the United States, or England to England. Nobody wants you, and you’re not unique. You’re there because you believe that moving will improve your life and the lives of your children.

There is no doubt that newcomers to Canada can struggle to find a job here, due to the following below.

  • Lack of Canadian experience
  • Lack of a local network
  • Lack of clear, confident English/French-speaking skills
  • Lack of knowledge on how a modern job search is actually done
  • And sometimes, even an undeserved sense of entitlement

Any of these reasons can, and will, work against a newcomer trying to find their first job.

These 25K immigrants need to employ modern job search strategies if they want to make it in Canada. Most newcomers spray their generic, self-written resumes to as many job postings as they can. This strategy almost never works if someone has been struggling to find a job for months.

What it like to be an immigrant coming to Canada?

I moved to Canada four months ago from India and I can say that I am most qualified to answer your question since I have very fresh experiences here. Below are my observations and most of these are comparing Canada with India. This answer may not be much of help if you are moving from a European or other American countries.

1. Day to day life: My day to day life has changed to a great extent even though I came to Canada only four months ago as an immigrant.

2. I have not yet experienced my first winter but I can feel the chill already. For the first time ever I experienced the temperature at a single digit. And I heard it goes to -30 as well. So one needs to be prepared well for the winter. I heard that getting ready to office itself takes 5 times more than your usual time during other seasons.

3. People are very health conscious in the Western countries. Where I come from, people do spit on the road and throw garbage on the road. But here, people wash hands even after a hand shake. When some one offers you food, take it with a spoon or fork and if it is not available at that moment use your hand but you should not be touching other part of the food that you don’t eat.


Before you think about moving to Canada always remember that a good paying Canadian company needs to know that you are reliable, that you can show up for work on time everyday, that you can communicate well and can actually do a task that is asked of you. They will not invest thousands of dollars in you with training and salary just for you to get up to speed if they are not absolutely sure you can do the job. If they have any doubts they will simply choose another candidate.


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