University of Bonn Argelander Scholarships 2023 (APPLY NOW)

The Argelander Scholarships will be available at the University of Bonn for doctoral candidates from universities in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for the award, which provides doctoral students from the named regions with the opportunity to conduct research in Bonn for three to twelve months.

The goal is to fund doctoral candidates from African, Latin American, and Asian countries in order to promote scientific exchange with partners, particularly in regions that have been relatively marginalized in terms of scientific production, and to promote international cooperation in the priority regions identified in the partnership strategy.

This funding line is intended to strengthen collaborations between scientists in Bonn and their partners in the aforementioned regions, as well as to expand such collaborations in terms of early-career researcher promotion.

When the application is submitted, a formal or informal cooperation agreement between the doctoral candidate’s home institute and the host institute in Bonn should already exist. The Bonn-based researchers serve as applicants.

Argelander Scholarships Criteria for Eligibility

  • International doctoral candidates pursuing a doctorate at a university or research institute in Africa, Latin America, or Asia are given preference.
  • Doctoral candidates who are already enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the University of Bonn are ineligible for funding.
  • Funded students should complete their doctorates at their home university (to avoid brain drain).

Award Advantages

  • A stipend for travel (depending on country of origin)
  • A € 1,500 monthly scholarship (additional funds for accompanying family members: up to € 300 for a spouse and € 250 per child)
  • A monthly research expense allowance of up to € 300 that can be submitted to the International Office once the scholarship has been awarded.

How to Apply for Argelander Scholarships

A full-time professor from the University of Bonn must submit the application. Per host/professor, up to two applications may be taken into account. A motivational letter that has been signed is required of PhD candidates.

The application must contain;

a web form

Study description (PDF, no more than 8 pages long), including: A description of the research project to be conducted while the individual is in Bonn;

Write your proposal with a multidisciplinary audience in mind, please.
the host’s justifications for inviting the PhD candidate

An explanation of the doctorate candidate’s integration into the host institute (including employment details and participation in research and teaching activities) as well as the project’s Bonn-based supervision are provided.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2023

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