Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Immigrants can find several truck driver jobs in Canada.

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver in Canada?

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a truck driver seeking for employment in Canada and trying to figure out how to travel there? You should be grinning, though, as truck driving is currently one of Canada’s most in-demand vocations. Truck driving is a big industry in some provinces, thus there is a considerable need for drivers.


Looking for Driver jobs in Canada? Look no more… These are Highly Paid Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Benefits and Visa Sponsorship.

Salary: 21

Salary Currency: USD

Payroll: HOUR

Employment Type: FULL_TIME

Hiring Organization: Nirbhai Transport Ltd

Organization URL:

Location: PostalAddress, 1101 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 1G7, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 1G7, Canada

Experience Required: 24 Months

Driver jobs in Canada with VISA SPONSORSHIP

Urgent Truck Driver Jobs in Canada are available for Foreigners With VISA SPONSORSHIPS

Specific Skills you need to have as a Long Haul Truck Driver:

Transport and handle dangerous goods Perform preventive maintenance Perform emergency roadside repairs Perform brake adjustments Receive and relay information to central dispatch Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks to transport goods and materials Oversee condition of the vehicle and inspect tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment Arrange travel, related itineraries and make reservations Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on international routes Record cargo information, hours of service, distance traveled and fuel consumption Perform pre-trip, en route and post-trip inspection and oversee all aspects of vehicle Security and Safety Driver’s validity license check;

Medical exam;

Drug test;

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities Sitting;

Personal Suitability Flexibility;


Salary: 27.50

Salary Currency: USD

Payroll: HOUR

Employment Type: FULL_TIME

Hiring Organization: Translogic Truck Lines Ltd.

Organization URL:

Location: PostalAddress, 12992 76 Ave #205, Surrey, BC, V3W 2V6, Canada

Experience Required: 36 Months

Exactly like any other industry, the trucking industry values its workers by treating them as very important assets. particularly with the shortage of truck drivers in Canada and the recognition of truck driving jobs, companies are now willing to spend just to have someone experienced, and reliable enough to satisfy the role to be a truck driver for their business.

Heavy truck driving jobs are often considered very challenging together with enjoyable jobs for the reason that it’s possible to visit the complete country for free of cost. As you earn you can go to a lot of lovely places in Canada. Many companies provide a lot of employee benefits and high wages to qualified truck drivers in Canada.

This is basically because the prosperity of their daily business relies greatly on truck drivers and lots of trucking organizations failed in this aspect.

They use to target keeping a great deal by paying cheat to the wrong person. This increased the rate of accidents and other disturbances and had a negative impact on their business profits.

Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

Being a truck driver in Canada may possibly seem like an easy job.

Specifically for those who have experience in truck driving.

But it really is a difficult one from the moment you may learn how to manage up to the day you begin to hit the road.

Notwithstanding this, the benefits are almost unlikely given that the minimum requirement for a truck driver is just high-school level.

A typical entry-level truck driver can actually earn up to thirty grand per year and a professional, you’ll not believe, can earn up to a hundred thousand dollars a year.

That’s more than what a college graduate can make.

How To Get Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

With a deficiency of truck drivers in Canada, companies are even sponsoring work permits, accreditation, and truck driving classes. They realized how investing in skilled workers like a truck driver can gain them sooner or later. With the offers that they provide to driving employees, they could earn the trust and commitment of employees.

Eventually, the determination could keep the driver from getting their jobs for granted plus they can meet deadlines effectively. That is somehow a relationship built-in confidence and trust, a situation where both parties could benefit to work for a common goal.

It’s true that truck driver jobs in Canada are not for everybody. They are this sort of really into trucking and could meet the demands of the profession. When the employee isn’t satisfied with what he is doing a superb salary is nothing. These jobs are created in case you can prove full dedication and passion in the trucking industry in Canada.

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