Travel insurance for international students in Canada Worth $12,000

Financial travel insurance plans are made to help protect you from the cost of unforeseen emergencies that may arise before or during your vacation, regardless of whether you are traveling outside of your province or Canada, especially for international students on scholarship.

travel insurance for international students in canada

If you go to a different province, your provincial government health insurance policies might only offer rudimentary coverage for medical costs spent elsewhere. Unfortunately, illnesses, accidents, and other covered occurrences happen all too frequently, which may force you to change your travel plans and result in substantial unanticipated out-of-pocket costs.

Travel insurance Tips for international students

The COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan from Manulife is made to assist shield you from the financial burden of any unanticipated situations that can arise while you’re away from home. This plan offers defense against unexpected medical expenses, coverage for the coronavirus (COVID-19), and interruption insurance.

Consider the COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan, which includes coverage for COVID-19, emergency medical treatment, and some interruption coverage, if you intend to travel outside of Canada.

Health insurance For Canada International students 

The specifics of coverage differ depending on where a person is living even though universal healthcare is required at the federal level and is managed by the various provinces and territories.

All Canadians have access to universal health care, which is regarded as basic health insurance because it only covers medically essential services.

Unless they have private health insurance, individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada should expect to pay out-of-pocket for medical care. A lot of immigration programs demand that visitors to Canada obtain private health insurance for the duration of their stay.

Do international students need travel insurance for Canada?

For the duration of their studies in Canada, international students must have health insurance. Government-funded insurances are typically not accessible to international students, even though several Canadian provinces offer health insurance as part of their provincial plans.

How much does insurance cost for international students in Canada?

Depending on the level of plan you select, whether you have any pre-existing conditions, and how long you need to be covered, the cost of health insurance in Canada might vary. The average annual cost for overseas students, however, is between C$600 and C$900.


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