Switzerland Work Visa Requirements (APPLY NOW)

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Switzerland Work Visa Requirements

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You must research the requirements related to your nationality in order to apply for a Swiss visa. Less red tape and no foreign worker quotas apply to citizens of EU and EFTA nations. The same stringent limitations that apply to non-EU/EFTA citizens may apply to citizens of recently admitted nations.

You will require a residency permit for stays lasting more than 90 days. Switzerland does not issue the standard EU Blue Card, in contrast to other EU member states. Our guide will explain you through the many visa options available to live and work in Switzerland, whether you are an EU/EFTA national or not. Need-to-know details are included, including the Swiss visa application process, visa costs, and restrictions.

Work Permits and Employment-Based Visas

In Switzerland, getting a work permit or an employment visa has been more challenging. Non-EU/EFTA citizens planning to live and work in Switzerland should be aware that there are annual permit quotas in place by the Swiss government, which limit the total number of permits that can be issued. Expats have to wait another year to apply for the permission when the quota is reached.

Swiss Work Visa Requirements

The Swiss government recently increased the number of work permits available to non-EU/EFTA citizens. They also raised the language requirement at the same time. Non-Swiss nationals are now required to communicate at a minimum A1 level in the language used most often in their Swiss canton. The more fluency you need, the longer you have to stay in Switzerland. You must show evidence of your enrolment in a language course if you’re applying for a B-level visa and don’t speak any of the four official languages.

Swiss Work Visa Cost and Application

Switzerland gives each local canton wide latitude in making political choices. As a result, the price of a Swiss work visa is determined by both your canton and your country of origin. The price should not be greater than 100 CHF on average (110 USD). Your particular canton’s authority will also provide the application for a work permit. You can find it on the webpage for your particular canton.

Are you eligible for a Swiss Work Permit?

Be a highly skilled employee. This indicates that you are a manager, expert, or other kind of qualified professional.

own a degree from a university or a higher education institution that is equivalent.

possess a significant amount of professional work experience.

Have evidence that your professional and social development will improve while you are in Switzerland. Your age, familiarity with the local language, your proficiency in other languages, and your intention to adapt to Swiss culture are all taken into account.

Your company must also demonstrate that there is no Swiss national who is qualified to fill your role in addition to these requirements. They must also show that Swiss citizens were informed of the job opening and provide justification for it.



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