Provost Scholarship iu Requirements (Fully funded)

The IUB Provost’s Scholarship is a four-year IU Academic Scholarship given to incoming first-year Indiana resident students who excel academically. The Office of Scholarships will notify recipients via email, followed by a letter in the mail. Notifications will be made between the middle of December and the first week of February. Her e is everything you need to know about Provost scholarship iu and how to apply.

These merit-based programs are solely designed to assist students as they progress through their educational journeys in various majors at the University. Its goal is to ensure that all deserving students receive the necessary financial and academic assistance. The University understands the financial pressures that students face during their academic careers, and in order to alleviate that burden, the office of scholarship introduces various grants. This encourages students to keep their grades up throughout their education.

IU Bloomington University is a leading university that provides students with extensive career development opportunities and contributes new leaders to the world. The university offers students 550+ Academic Programs and 200+ Undergraduate Majors, as well as superior guidance from experienced expert faculty.

Students interested in receiving this scholarship are encouraged to complete their FASFA by April 15.

Award amount:

A total award of $25,000 will be distributed over a maximum of five years. $5,000 will be awarded annually in each of the first three years with the $10,000 balance being awarded in either the fourth year of study or split evenly between the fourth and fifth years of study. Leveraging government aid and institutional awards, the annual scholarship award will effectively close the “gap” on the total cost of attendance (COA).

Provost Scholarship iu requirements:

The Leaders for Tomorrow scholarship is a merit and financial aid-based award. Indiana University first-year students who have demonstrated great determination and have overcome adversity are selected by IU.

To be eligible for a Cox Research Scholarship, you must:

  • Enter IU classified as an Indiana resident.
  • Be pursuing your first baccalaureate degree.
  • Submit a complete application to IU Bloomington by November 1, 2022 to be automatically considered for this opportunity based on the factors in your application, including grades earned in academic coursework; performance in honors, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement courses; your IU-specific essay; extracurricular activities; and other achievements.
  • Demonstrate financial need by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1, 2023 for the upcoming academic year.
  • Be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours upon arrival and throughout your academic career at IU Bloomington.
  • Be willing to commit to 10 to 12 hours of work in research each week during your entire enrollment at Indiana University.
  • Exhibit academic curiosity and intellectual prowess. You can be interested in any academic major, and are not expected to have prior research experience.

What GPA do you need for IU Provost scholarship?

If you meet the following criteria each semester, your IU Academic Scholarships and other OEM scholarships will be renewed: At Indiana University, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Your cumulative GPA can be found at

How much is the provost scholarship at IU?

The Provost’s Scholarship is awarded to first-time Indiana resident freshmen based on high academic performance. Awards range from $1,000 to $8,000 annually, renewable for up to four years. Students who automatically qualify for IU Academic Scholarships are notified in their admission letter.

Does IU give a lot of scholarships?

Every year, IU students receive millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships, ranging from merit- and need-based awards to need-based grants, donor-funded scholarships, and department- or program-specific awards.



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