Available NLC Jobs 2023 Online [Apply Now]

NLC is a specialized wing of the Pakistan Army that offers a good salary, benefits, and responsibilities. Interested applicants should check out the NLC Job Portal to find out whether they meet the qualifications and other requirements for the posts available. The portal also lists the age requirements and experience required for the position.

NLC Jobs 2023 Online


NLC is a specialized wing of the Pakistan Army

National Logistics Cell or NLC is a specialized wing within the Pakistan Army. Its mission is to manage the transportation of military equipment and supplies to various locations within the country.

This specialized wing of the army also provides relief operations during natural disasters. It also provides logistical support for various military operations conducted by the Pakistan Army.

This specialized wing of the army was founded in 1977 and is run mainly by serving Army officers. Its personnel numbers are over 6500. It also operates over 2000 heavy-duty vehicles.

These vehicles allow it to deal with a variety of cargo, including dry and liquid cargo. In addition, it has made significant progress on important national projects, including port handling and construction works.

The army has an institutionalized system for accountability and justice, which helps it ensure discipline and accountability in its ranks. The army is also able to hold serving generals accountable and remove corps commanders for lapses in discipline. In addition, the army has an established system for punishment, benefits, and benefits.

The Pakistan Army has also been working on a deal with the United States to send supplies and equipment to its forces in Afghanistan. The US and its allies are using the Northern Distribution Network (NDN), which uses routes in Central Asia and Europe to deliver supplies.

This method, however, costs at least twice as much as shipping through Pakistan.

It offers a lot of benefits

The National Logistics Cell is one of the most important components of the PM Gatishakti National Master Plan. It aims to improve the logistics performance of the country.

The government has endorsed this plan and the state and union territories have given their support. The plan has been designed to develop multimodal connectivity infrastructure for various economic zones. The new national logistics policy will give it even more boost.

The National Logistics Policy will clarify the roles of the Union Government, States, and key regulators. The policy aims to lower logistics costs and improve the competitiveness of Indian goods and services, which will benefit all sectors of the economy.

It will also promote the creation of employment opportunities, develop skills, and ensure a level playing field for MSMEs.

The new system will also include a digital backbone and a National Logistics Information Portal. This will act as a single point of reference for all logistics-related activities. It will also allow exporters to bypass cumbersome processes by providing a single source of information.

In addition to this, the new system will let industry associations directly raise their concerns with government agencies. This will speed up the resolution of these issues.

It has a lot of responsibilities

The National Logistics Cell is a multi-functional organization. It was formed to address the issue of port congestion in Karachi. This problem was caused by inadequate management of warehouses and port handling facilities as well as a shortage of transport. In response to this problem, the Army Service Corps decided to establish the National Logistics Cell to handle the congestion and transportation issues.

In doing so, the NLC was able to save Pakistan millions of dollars in demurrage.

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The National Logistics Cell was set up in the 1980s and is an integral part of the Pakistan Armed Forces. It focuses on the mobility and transportation of military gear. It also functions as a tactical asset in the business environment. As a semi-independent organization, it is responsible for a lot of responsibilities.

A few of its primary responsibilities include bringing together all stakeholders in the supply chain. These stakeholders include Customs, the DGFT, Railways, inland waterways, and coastal shipping. They also provide command and control for operations. These agencies are responsible for providing the required logistics infrastructure at the right time.

The National Logistics Policy is a framework for the integrated development of the logistics sector. It is a blueprint to increase exports and reduce logistics-related costs. It also aims to provide better employment opportunities and create a more sustainable economy. Further, it will increase the respect for labor.

It offers a good salary

National Logistics Cell is a government engineering firm that is looking for talented and hard-working people to work for it. They have several job openings across the country and offer competitive salary packages and fringe benefits. The company is seeking individuals from different parts of the country with the requisite experience and relevant qualifications.

Job positions with National Logistics Cell are advertised through different newspapers and on the company’s official website. The company is well known for its high standards of hiring and follows strict criteria while selecting people. National Logistics offers jobs in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities in Pakistan. Salary packages are different and depend on the location of the job.

Starting salaries range from PS1900 to PS25,000. Employees of the company can benefit from many benefits including health insurance and Job Training. Additionally, they can also avail of free transport. The salary for National Logistics Cell jobs depends on the experience and level of expertise, but it is still an excellent salary compared to other companies in the same industry.

National Logistics Manager salaries can go as high as $108,500 or as low as $26,000, but the majority of these jobs fall between $46,000 and $70,000. Top earners earn about $91,500 per year. However, the salary varies by as much as $24,000 depending on the location and years of experience. While these are generally good salaries, many factors should be considered when choosing a location and job.

It has many tasks

The National Logistics Cell, an independent semi-autonomous organization of the Ministry of Defence, has many tasks and functions.

These include transportation services for the Armed Forces and relief operations during natural calamities. To apply for a position with the NLC, candidates must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The selection process includes a written test and an interview.

The logistics division plans to create an IT backbone and develop a National Logistics Information Portal. This will provide a single window for all logistics services and connect various stakeholders, including Customs, DGFT, Railways, inland waterways, and coastal shipping.

The goal of the National Logistics Information Portal is to improve logistics services for all sectors and create a more competitive environment for MSMEs.

The activities of the National Logistics Cell will influence the speed of domestic movement of goods, as well as the competitiveness of Indian goods in the global market.

The logistics performance of a country is measured by its Logistics Performance Index, and improving India’s Logistics Performance Index will boost its exports. In addition, the government has launched the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan, which aims to build multimodal connectivity infrastructure in various economic zones. The plan has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and is scheduled for completion by 2021.

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