Immigrate to Canada as a panel beater in 2023

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a panel beater! In Canada, there is a high need for panel beaters, thus you could be able to obtain a Canadian permanent residency visa with or without a job offer.

Immigrate to canada as a panel beater in 2023

Cars and other vehicles are repaired after collisions by panel beaters, often known as smash repairers. Your car can be restored to its pre-accident state by a panel beater.
In the panel beating procedure, broken panels are taken off, repaired, and replaced. Additionally, the chassis is aligned, spray painted, and the body hardware is reinstalled.

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Panel beater

First off, because there is such a high demand for panel beaters in Canada, the occupation has been included to the targeted occupations list, also known as the NOC list, which makes panel beaters eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada through the Canadian Government’s Immigration Program (National Occupation Code List).

Having a job offer to go to Canada is undoubtedly a must in order to access the Express Entry process, but as a panel beater, you also have other possibilities to guarantee your Canada Visa from the start.

The first stage in your Canadian immigration process is to calculate your Canada Immigration points for Express Entry using the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System.

CRS Points are awarded for (amongst other things)



English ability

French ability

Your partner’s skills

Work experience

As well as providing you with important CRS points these factors also count towards your overall Immigration Points score which must equal or exceed a total of 67

Duties of a panel beater

There is a huge amount of work that goes into repairing a vehicle after an accident. Cars are more complex and carry more technology than ever before, so repairing them requires expert training and processes.

The tasks involved in panel beating include:

  • Removing, repairing, and replacing damaged panels
  • Repairing dents and scratches with specialty fillers
  • Filing and sanding the bodywork to ensure a smooth finish
  • Replacing damaged parts with genuine parts from the vehicle manufacturer
  • Installing body hardware such as door locks and sensors
  • realigning the chassis and body frame
  • Repainting the vehicle and matching the original color.

Panel beaters are experts in a wide range of tasks needed to return a vehicle to its pre-crash condition.

Please before you apply read the following steps above.



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