How To Earn

Successspace is an online earning platform that pays users for performing a simple task. Registration is 100% free, no signup fee needed to get started.

Our Goal is to give financial freedom to all start phone users, stay at home mum, and student through getting paid for performing a simple task daily with the aim to reduce the amount of joblessness and give people who have simple things such as smart phone an opportunity to make money like people who work a full time job and you can also catch on the latest new and trends all from the comfort of your home.

How much you can make ?

With our unwavering concept of guaranteeing that interested Nigerians enjoy and participate in the web-based earning opportunity, kkfact Income Program is totally made with the following earning Programs;

  1. Registration bonus N200
  2. Daily Login: N50
  3. Reading content: N3
  4. Comments: N3
  5. Referrals Bonus: N300
  6. clicking on internal links: N3


1. As an affiliate (you refer individuals totally free with your unique referral link)
2. News or Activity Earnings (you perform regular activities)

Affiliates With at least N10,000 affiliate earnings can demand their withdrawal once its 30th of the month

Activity Earners With Atleast N15,000 are qaulified to withdraw their earnings once every first of each and every new month.

Note: You can Both be an affiliate and furthermore an activity worker, payment upon withdrawal would be settled to your Bank Account in no time using Bank Transfer.

This type of opportunity is rare, you wouldn’t want to miss.