Best Crypto podcast for beginners You Must Listen To

How to trade cryptocurrency for beginners is usually the scariest factor keeping people away from the industry, while others are losing their money due to lack of Marriage. On this content, you will get to see the list of best cryptocurrency podcasts for beginners.

What Is a Crypto Podcast?

Crypto podcasts are crypto-themed audio or video recordings that are in digital format and available to be downloaded or streamed online. Specifically, the host of the podcast creates episodic content that will appeal to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

There, you will find hot takes on the latest news about cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other projects.

Best Crypto podcast for beginners

Apart from the popular cryptocurrencies, crypto podcasters often build their channels around themes associated with blockchain technology and the macroeconomics of related concepts.

Best Crypto podcasts for beginners

If you are looking for crypto podcasts, you’ve come to the right place. You can check out the Crypto Coin Podcast hosted by Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, and Hasu, a cryptocurrency researcher.

These two hosts explore the big ideas in crypto from the ground up. They also discuss the latest trends and upcoming projects.

Unconfirmed Crypto Podcasts

Unconfirmed is a 20-minute podcast hosted by Laura Shin that covers the latest news and trends in the crypto world. It features interviews with top crypto experts and reacts to major headlines. Episodes are updated weekly and are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Each episode is packed with important news and analysis about the cryptocurrency industry.

The Unchained podcast has been running since 2016 and has garnered over fourteen million downloads. Unlike many other crypto podcasts, it takes a longer view of the industry, with interviews featuring industry figures and trends. The show is accessible to both experienced crypto investors and those new to the space. Topics range from introductory content to in-depth discussions about trending news headlines.

Crypto Radio is another popular podcast with over thirty episodes on Apple Podcasts. It’s an introductory series on cryptocurrency, which is a great listen for beginners.

This podcast also features expert guests, including Steve Case, Peter Diamandis, and Mike Novogratz. The show also features a series about applying game theory to the crypto markets.

Crypto podcasts are an excellent way to stay informed about the latest news in the industry. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth listening to. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones for beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

We’ve listed podcasts from two top sources that will help you make the most of these podcasts.

Podcasts about crypto are becoming more popular. Many viewers find them informative and entertaining. Many of them offer insight into the cryptocurrency industry and discuss serious issues.

Crypto Island

Crypto Island is a new podcast from the co-founder of Reply All, PJ Vogt. The show explores the stories behind the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a funny and witty take on the world of crypto. It’s best experienced from the first episode. The podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but you can also find it on Anchor.

Vogt’s writing is superb, and he’s a skilled host and reporter. His attention to detail and his ability to use similes is impressive. He once compared an auctioneer bidding on the U.S. Constitution to a slick movie villain. The writing is also remarkably off-hand, giving each episode a believable veneer of informality.

Crypto Island’s name reflects its approach to the topic. It’s not a hand wringing or proselytizing show, which is more common with crypto podcasts. Instead, the podcast focuses on blockchain technology and bitcoin in general, with engaging discussions on a variety of crypto topics. Recently, the podcast explored the topic of DAOs.

The Crypto Island podcast is also available on Rephonic, a website that provides detailed statistics about podcasts. Using this tool, you can see how many viewers the show has on YouTube and how many downloads it receives. It also allows you to view chart rankings and ratings for different podcasts. In this way, you can get a better understanding of the podcast’s success.

Crypto Island podcast hosts PJ Vogt and Ricky Mulvey talk about how crypto has changed the world. Vogt, who previously hosted Reply All, has a knack for analyzing things that are outside the mainstream.

They discuss topics from the recent crypto crash to Bitcoin’s true believers to internet strangers running McDonald’s.

Best Crypto podcast for beginners

Crypto Campfire

The Crypto Campfire podcast is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by The Perfesser and Mitch. The podcast has been in existence since 2016 and has several loyal listeners. The podcast features interviews with people in the crypto space.

Its goal is to educate listeners about the latest developments in the industry and provide them with valuable insight.

Crypto Campfire is a weekly podcast with a lighthearted approach. The hosts have opposing opinions, and the topics range from coffee and fishing to celebrities and video games – and always relate to cryptocurrency.

The hosts are friendly and easy to listen to, and they tackle serious issues in a light-hearted way. While the show does have a slightly serious tone, it is a great way to learn about current events in crypto and related industries.

The Crypto Campfire podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Each episode lasts approximately 20 minutes. The show also has a sub-category for technical analysis. The Crypto Campfire is one of the most popular podcasts about cryptocurrency.

You can listen to new episodes every week and enjoy a wealth of information about the market.

Guests on the Crypto Campfire podcast cover a range of topics in web3 and crypto, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Featuring guests who are actively involved in the blockchain, code base, and regulatory aspects of the crypto space, Crypto Campfire is an excellent podcast for new crypto investors and those looking to learn more about the cryptocurrency world.

Another popular Cryptocurrency podcast is Crypto Current. The show tracks trending stories and shares educational content. Each episode begins with a news review and then transitions into in-depth discussions on different topics. These episodes are available five days a week and last about an hour.


The Pomp Crypto Podcast is an informative audio show hosted by Anthony Pompliano. The show is filled with interviews with some of the most interesting people in bitcoin, business, and finance. The hosts’ goal is to make listeners smarter each day by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Each episode is one hour long and includes a wide range of topics.

In this podcast, Anthony Pompliano interviews interesting individuals in business, finance, and investing. These interviews help listeners learn about the latest trends and make smart decisions every day. The podcast is dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency and has a huge audience. As a result, Pomp is a must-listen for crypto investors.

The Pomp Crypto Podcast has a host who has deep knowledge of cryptography and has been involved in many groundbreaking projects in the industry. The podcast has featured interviews with billionaire crypto enthusiasts as well as bestselling authors. Guests range from high-profile CEOs to self-made millionaires. It is one of the most influential podcasts about the cryptocurrency industry and has some of the most relevant guests in the business.

Another great podcast about crypto is Crypto 101. It has been praised for its ability to explain complicated crypto concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or have experience with it, this podcast will help you understand the latest trends and strategies. Its content focuses on the most relevant news in all major cryptocurrencies. The topics range from introductory content to the views and opinions of top gurus in the crypto sphere.

While the crypto podcast landscape is always evolving, the information it contains is still useful and informative for crypto investors. You can listen to it on the road while working or driving, and improve your knowledge of the crypto market in the process.

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