Best Places to Travel in South Korea

There are many places in South Korea that merit visiting. While certain explorers might feel that South Korea is all thick city and petulant boundaries, this country in East Asia is a fabulously different objective that you shouldn’t ignore.

Whether you’re a stalwart foodie or a devotee of history or you love getting into the outside and climbing, travel in South Korea can take anything structure you need it to.


Places to Travel in South Korea

Check out Places to Travel in South Korea

We’ve assembled this assortment of the most ideal getaway spots in South Korea to show you exactly how engaging and different this nation can be. We’re certain you’ll add a couple of these spots to your bucket list quickly.


For a brilliant assortment of noteworthy South Korean attractions, set out toward the momentous waterfront city of Gyeongju. This old capital city of the Silla Realm is at times depicted as a historical center without walls, which seems OK once you begin heading starting with one significant old fascination and then onto the next.


Was there at any point any uncertainty that we’d suggest Seoul provided that it’s with the public capital and one of the most well-known spots to visit in South Korea?

This colossal city is stacked with attractions to see and things to encounter, which clears up why most guests in the nation will invest in some measure a little energy here. As far as sights to see, you’re ruined for decision, from social milestones like the noteworthy Gyeongbokgung Royal residence to the entrancing Bukchon Hanok Town.

However, those meeting Korea wouldn’t believe that Seoul even has a public park, Bukhansan Public Park, where voyagers can go climbing and take in all-encompassing perspectives on the city.


Perhaps the best city in South Korea to visit is Busan, a port city that gives a decent difference to a considerable lot of the other well-known city objections. The principal center for some guests to Busan is the city’s dazzling sea shores, with the Haeundae Ocean side and Gwangalli Ocean side the two most popular. In any case, there are a lot of social attractions in Busan too, from the old Beomeosa Sanctuary to the undeniably renowned Gamcheon Culture Town, an electric and brilliant area that was once a city ghetto.

The opposite side of Busan worth investigating is the climbing trails through the close by mountains like Geumjeongsan, with its serene view.

Seoraksan Public Park

To investigate probably the best regular view in the country, explorers ought to make a shortcut to Seoraksan Public Park. Home to the country’s third most noteworthy mountain top, Daecheongbong, this public park is a priority in South Korea.

With great rough edges and lavish verdure, it’s a long way from the metropolitan spaces most explorers first experience upon appearance in the country.

The Korean DMZ

Given the strained circumstance with its neighbor toward the north, it’s reasonable why a visit to the Korean Neutral ground (DMZ) is among the most well-known activities in South Korea. Taking a visit is the best way to visit the 250-kilometer (155-mile) strip between South and North Korea.

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