Practical Guide On How To Use Alligator Pepper For Good Luck Full guide)

Alligator pepper is a herb that is gaining a lot of traction amongst spiritually minded Nigerians. If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn how to use alligator pepper for good luck. This article covers an in-depth guide on the spiritual benefits of alligator pepper and a practical way to use it.  A picture of an Alligator Pepper seeds For Good Luck

What Is Alligator Pepper And Why Does It Have A Spiritual Use?

Alligator pepper is a spicy herb that is used for cooking African meals and performing spiritual assignments. The use of alligator pepper to get good luck is not a thing of superstition. The fact is, it works! According to multiple sources, this herb that commonly grows in West Africa can be used in a ritualistic way to garner good luck. This part of the alligator pepper that is used is the seeds. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will look at a practical guide on how to use alligator pepper for good luck and other things you need to know.

Practical Guide On How To Use Alligator Pepper For Good Luck 

Whether it is marital good luck, financial luck, or travel and good health luck, alligator pepper is the go-to plant that can give you what you want. Here are practical ways to use alligator pepper for general good luck:
  • Get 21 seeds of Alligator pepper.
  • Split them into three groups containing 7 seeds of alligator pepper each.
  • Get white linen and lay it on the ground. “777” is a spiritual number that symbolizes spiritual good luck.
  • The next practical step to take is to arrange 7 alligator seeds in a line, in three places to resemble the mystical number last 7 seeds in that sequence.
  • Kneel before the white linen, and say the words; “Abna Ishak”  7 times.
  • After pronouncing it 7 times before the arranged alligator pepper seeds, it’s time to get set for the most important part of this ritual.
  • Start meditating and thinking about what you perceive as good luck. It could be a marital success, success in business, or other kinds of success.

Things You Need To Know Before Embarking On The Ritual To Use Alligator Pepper For Good Luck

First off, there is a spiritual law that states that you cannot use spiritual energy to wish someone evil. Spiritual energy and force can only be used to orchestrate balance in the spiritual realm. So if you are down, the role of spiritual energy is to lift you if you were meant to be up. If you were meant to be down, spiritual energy and force will achieve balance by keeping you down. Some persons have to be down for others to be up. However, this is not the subject of today’s coverage in this blog post. This goes to say that you cannot use alligator pepper to curse your enemies. Having boredom toward someone, and trying to channel alligator pepper to do a ritual against someone just because of mere hatred can never be. The spiritual ordinance that backs the efficacy of alligator pepper in orchestrating good luck in people’s lives is bent on the law of spiritual balance. All the same, you can also use alligator pepper to hasten the force of karma to hit the person who wronged you.

An Overview Of The Spiritual Benefits Of Alligator Pepper 

Here is a quick overview of the many-sided spiritual benefits of alligator pepper:
  • Used to get good luck.
  • Alligator pepper is used for protection against curses.
  • Alligator pepper is used in dealing with sicknesses that were caused by spiritual forces.

Is The Use Of Alligator Pepper A Sin To A Christain?

The short answer is no. The use of alligator pepper is not a sin to a Christian because its use is that of a general spiritual ordinance. Jesus Christ the Jewish carpenter in his own time, used mud, anointed it with saliva, and cured a blind man. That is a spiritual ordinance. If Google was around back in the days of Jesus Christ, a lot of Pharisees would have Googled “is the use of mud to cure the blind a sin?”. In summary alligator pepper is a plant herb that is dosed with spiritual symbolism and power, and can be used to pray for good luck. Its use is different from that of Bitter Kola.

Things That You Cannot Use Alligator Pepper To Do

Here are some things that cannot be done with Alligator pepper:
  • You cannot use alligator pepper to do a love potion. Anything that affects the independent thinking of an individual cannot work with alligator pepper.
  • You cannot use alligator pepper to curse your enemies.
  • You cannot use alligator pepper to manipulate anyone or force a person to accept your marriage proposal.

How do you use alligator pepper for commanding?

Once you want to use to For commanding, take just seven seed from it and call the name of the person you want to command and speak your wish and chew it . Spit it out after chewing, come and see wonders

Can alligator pepper get rid of pregnancy?

Am not a qualified medical doctor but with my previous findings and studies, it was found that oral ingestion of high doses of granulated seeds of alligator pepper (333 mg/Kg body weight) caused termination of first trimester pregnancies in Sprague-Dawley rats while intraperitoneal injection of low dose of the aqueous extract of the seeds of alligator pepper on the . Join Our Social Media Forum