6 Hidden Advantages Of Relocating To The Uk Via The Care Job Pathway

The Care Job Pathway since its launch earlier in the year is one of the most competitive pathways to the UK. Check out Top hidden advantages of moving to Uk through the care Job pathway. 

Hidden Advantages Of Relocating To The Uk

Advantages Of Relocating To The Uk

However, it is also one of the most beneficial. A lot of people are unaware of the hidden advantages of relocating to the UK. Find below, 6 hidden advantages of relocating via this pathway.

1. You Can Relocate With SSCE

This is one of the pathways where you don’t need any special skills or degrees to relocate. We have helped SSCE holders land job offers via our Care Job Pathway Service.

Note that having SSCE means that you will need to show English proficiency using IELTS alone. The UK NARIC option requires a degree. But, you can smash IELTS even with SSCE.

A little hidden advantage in this hidden advantage – scoring 5 on IELTS is enough if you are coming via the Care Job Pathway. Sweet, right? 😁

2. It Is The Cheapest Visa To The UK

Care Workers from abroad enter the UK under the Health and Care Visa which is the cheapest visa (£232 per person) compared to student visa (£363) and post-study visa (£715). Saves you money!

3. Ihs Is Waived

One of the hidden advantages of coming as a Carer on the Health and Care Visa is that Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is waived. IHS cost is £624 per year per person. It may seem small (it is not!).

But, the real effect of this begins to be felt if you are relocating with family. If IHS was not waived, if your contract was for 3 years, you are supposed to pay IHS of £1872 for the 3 years per person.

For a family of 5, this is a whooping £9,360. Almost, £10k waived! Massive savings.

4. It Puts You On The Path Of Citizenship

Being on Tier 2 Visa guarantees you British Citizenship after 6 years of living and working in the UK. After spending 5 years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

This confers permanent residency status. I will add a hidden benefit to this hidden benefit – any child you birth in the UK after getting your ILR gains automatic citizenship by birth.

5. Your Spouse Can Do Any Job They Wish In The Uk, Unrestricted

If your spouse is a trained professional in one of the jobs that find it difficult to recruit from abroad – lawyers, accountants, pharmacists, engineers, architects, etc – they can get these jobs and do them in the UK, just because they will not be needing a visa to do it.

They are very flexible and can command locum hourly rates which can improve your family’s finances significantly.

Hey, I know I said five, but I will reward you with a sixth for reading this far. You are welcome.

6. You Can Do Any Job You Like After 5 Years

Yes, you may have been an Engineer that came to the UK via the Care Job Pathway. After five years on this Visa, once you get your ILR (permanent resident status), you can leave your Care Job and do any job you like, including practice as an Engineer.

There you have it. Six hidden advantages you get from coming to the UK via the Care Job Pathway. Some of these benefits are not permanent – for example, Care workers may not remain on the Health and Care Visa after December, 2022 – meaning that the IHS may no longer be waived.

The waiver was meant to last for one year and was instituted in January 2022. We don’t know if they will continue it beyond December.

Also, the pathway may be drawing to a close due to the rates of demand and supply. The blessing of the pathway – anyone can do Care Jobs, have also become its curse – everyone wants to do Care Jobs.

There is more supply than demand hence the intense competitiveness. This is the entire truth.

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